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Peninsula Route (Stops 1-4)
Lion's Head to Sauble Beach
  • A 'picture' perfect spot, 'framing' out the escarpment
  • Kids and kids at heart will be surrounded in their greatest joys when walking into Aunt Donkey's - floor to ceiling games and toys perfect to enjoy with the whole family - or once the kids go to bed!
  • One of the best shaded views of the beach, it's also where you'll find the anchors in the Mini-Tour
  • Join these ladies at TruFood Cafe for some delicious alternative meals!

If it could speak, what stories this rugged coastline would tell. Trek its ancient forests and trails. Listen to tales of old whispering through the trees. Here, there are countless adventures waiting to be shared. Write your own memories on its sandy beaches … just don’t be surprised by the impression it leaves on your soul.

Start your Peninsula adventure by parking at the Malcolm Bluff Shores Nature Reserve parking lot and hiking onto the trial – following the detour signs and trail markers. At the box you’ll find amazing sightlines to the three islands at the mouth of Colpoys Bay. The two closest islands are rumoured to be the home of Wild Boar and Griffith Island is a private game reserve. After collecting your Passport punch, you have the choice of heading back along the same trail you came in on or continuing on the trail to experience the full loop. If you continue on the trail, be sure to know which trail will bring you back to the parking lot – see the map attached in the images.

Once you’re back to your car, turn left of the parking lot to get onto Bruce Road 18 at the first stop sign and at the second turn right onto Bruce Road 9 which will take you into Lion’s Head. Turn right onto Webster Street, left on Helen Street and a right onto McNeil Street, continue right onto Bruin Street and park in an available spot. You’ll find the next Passport box here where the Escarpment’s been framed out for you. This is the start of the Lion’s Head Mini Tour, where find four additional stops throughout the community – all within walking distance. Take a walk along the beach to find the Beach Anchors, then take a turn towards downtown where you’ll find the next three. Find the bright red barn like store for all sorts of games and goodies. From here you’ll walk along the Lion’s Head Village Side Trail of the Bruce Trail that runs along the downtown main street where you’ll find your next box, and just a few steps off the trail you’ll find Rachal’s Restaurant for the fourth and final box of the Mini-Tour.

Find your way to Highway 6, either by heading north on Main Street and turning onto Everett Side Road or by turning right onto Bruce Road 9, heading west. Head north on Highway 6 until you see TruFood Café on the right hand side – here’s where you’ll find your next Adventure Passport box and some delicious alternative foods including gluten-free, paleo and keto. Once you’ve collected the punch and filled your stomach, head south on Highway 6 for the final Passport stop.

You’ll turn right onto Pike Bay Road, just a few concessions after you pass Ferndale. Stay on Pike Bay Road as it makes it’s way from Highway 6 and around the bends – note that there are two turns (a left then a right) to stay on the road. Park at the By the Bay General Store, then look around for your next clue. Follow the signs down to the Passport box and find yourself at the By the Bay Marina, customers can relax on the dock to witness stunning Lake Huron sunsets or try their hand at fishing.

Remember to read the ‘Top 3 things to do’ list on each Passport box for more options in the area. Use this year's Adventure Passport to create your most memorable experience along the Peninsula!

Start Point

Lion's Head

End Point

Sauble Beach