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Interior Route (Stops 9-12)
  • Huron Bay Co-op
  • Pinkerton General Store
  • Greenock Swamp
  • Elora Soap Company

Welcome to the interior of Bruce County! Where farmer’s fields stretch as far as the eye can see and you can find the freshest of vegetables, usually picked that morning, on roadside stands or at local Farmers Markets. Here you’ll see quaint towns that are filled with creativity and the promise of a fantastic find.

Start your exploration of the interior in Paisley along the Saugeen River. This artistic river village is full of imagination and inspiration, which draws in the talent and vision of the locals. For your Passport punch, head to the cleanest spot in town and visit one of the original artisans in the area, who opened her doors in 1987. Here you will find an assortment of handmade soaps, oils, bath herbs, candles as well as games, home décor and crafts, welcome to the Elora Soap Company.

Bonus Punch: Get your Bonus Paddle Punch by taking a trip down the Saugeen River. You can rent, buy or bring your own canoe or kayak out and paddle between Access Points 10 and 11 or visit Hidden Valley Camp to get access to this water, fun-filled punch! Looking for somewhere to get started paddling? Check out Cowan Canoe and Kayak in Paisley for your rental or retail needs.

Take Bruce Road 1 south until you reach Bruce Road 15 (you can turn down Bruce Road 20 which will also bring you to Bruce Road 15). After the first bend, once you reach Pinkerton, you’ll see the first detour sign! While you’re here, take a walk through the antiques – who knows what you’ll find! Follow the detour signs out of town and to the next box location. Here’s a hint: If you pack a lunch or stopped in to grab some take-out, this is the perfect spot to stop and have a break near the water and listen to it roar as it goes over the dam.

Get onto Concession Road 10 and head west until you see Side Road 5, head south one concession and turn onto Schmidt Lake Road. Remember to go slow on this windy dirt road, on the third bend, you’ll see a parking lot. Go straight in and follow the detour signs along the path. Keep left after the boardwalk and through the field and after that it’s a straight shot to the box. Don’t forget the bug spray, this is a swamp after all – though it may not look like it once you’ve reached the lookout! If you go straight, instead of making the first turn like the detour says, you’ll pop out at one of the passport stops from 2010, reminisce a little while here before hitting up the brand new lookout.

Once back on Side Road 5, keep south one more concession to Concession Road 6 and head west to Bruce Road 20 and from here it’s full steam ahead to Teeswater! Locate the punch at the Huron Bay Co-op on the main street, then take a gander through the fragrant garden centre or find the perfect accent inside. Stop in at the Gay Lea Creamery just down the road before heading on your way. The creamery offers weekly specials for breakfast, snack or lunch as well as a variety of home décor items. Swing into Mildmay and pick up one of the best butter tarts in the area then head up County Road 9 to pick up a bottle of wine or enjoy a fancy experience at Hoity Toity Cellars.

Remember to read the ‘Top 3 things to do’ list on each Passport box for more options in the area. Use this year's Adventure Passport to create your most memorable Interior experience! 

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