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Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport

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Stop 3 - Purple Valley Loop
Wiarton, ON, Canada
  • Just one of the many lookouts along this loop
Please note: Some business hours may vary due to COVID-19.

Time: 1.5 - 2.5 Hours

Level: Moderate 


Clue: Find the natural bend on Wrights Cres for the start of this fantastic hike.

The natural bend on Wrights Crescent brings you to the parking lot for this hiking loop, and to the 423-hectare Malcolm Bluff Shores Nature Reserve. This property showcases some amazing diversity with over 360 feet of elevation change from to beach to the top of the escarpment. From the lookout points, you’ll be able to see the three islands at the mouth of Colpoys Bay: Hay, Griffith, and White Cloud Islands. Griffith Island is a private game reserve and Hay and White Cloud Islands are rumoured to be home to wild boar!

Views from the various lookouts along this 7.1 - 9.6 kilometre loop are spectacular – post pictures of your adventure online and tag us @explorethebruce - we love seeing your stories and adventures!

Start at the parking lot on Wrights Crescent and head south on the Purple Valley Access Trail to meet up with the main trail. Turning left, you’ll follow the trail until you reach the Adventure Passport box and collect your punch – woohoo! To return, you can either go back the way you came in or keep going along the trail and you’ll reach the Bob Light Side Trail. At this fork, turn onto the side trail for a shorter loop around, or for a longer hike stay on the main trail – note should you continue on the main trail both ways will take you onto the Bob Light Side Trail. The main trail brings you to a lookout where you will see Kings Point Bluff and around to the other end of the side trail. Once you’re on the Bob Light side trail, you’ll make the turn at the Malcolm Bluff side trail which will lead you back to the parking lot. Please note you will be following the road for the last portion of the hike.

You’ve done the hike from the top – visit the Mallory Beach parking lot on Mallory Beach Road for a 4.5 kilometre (9km round trip) hike along the lower portion of the Nature Reserve out to Gravelly Point.

206 Wrights Cres
Wiarton, ON, N0H 2T0