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Kincardine Digital Photo Stop
Kincardine, Ontario

Ontario’s Scottish destination welcomes you! Find the Digital Bonus Stop at Station Beach. While you’re here be sure to experience what Kincardine has to offer, here are a few of our favourite suggestions.

  1. Station Beach: Since you’re already here, take a seat in the giant blue beach chairs for another great photo opportunity! Not only is Kincardine a Scottish destination, it’s also where Ontario’s surfers come to ride the waves! Spend some time here either learning how to surf or simply watching the surfers.
  2. Kincardine Lighthouse: built in the late 19th century, this lighthouse still stands guiding boats into the harbour and also operating as a marine museum. This spot is a local favourite for sunsets, and listening to the Phantom Piper.
  3. The Phantom Piper tradition: you can hear visiting and Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band members taking turns playing every night, except Saturdays, since Kincardine started this on July 1st, 1996. This story behind this tradition started in 1856 when a captain was having difficulty directing the ship into the harbour due to bad weather. Donald Sinclair, who was onboard, starting playing his bagpipes and a piper on the shoreline heard and played back. This guided the ship safety into the harbour.
  4. Scottish Pipe Band Parade: since 1948, every Saturday once 8 p.m. hits, the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band starts up – rain or shine! The band marches down Queen Street and then back up to Victoria Park, where they usually have a performance. It’s a must see when in Kincardine!

Be sure to stop in to eat at one of the fabulous restaurants or step into the shops lining the streets and make Kincardine an unforgettable memory! 

Please note: Kincardine Digital Bonus Stop will be installed during the first week of June.

Station Beach Road
Kincardine, Ontario, N0G 2R0