Port Elgin Pathway Mini-Tour

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Completing all four stops in the Port Elgin Pathway Mini-Tour qualifies you for a special grand prize!

Return Trip Time: 2 to 3 Hours

Level: Medium

The  Port Elgin Pathway (PEP) is a mini-tour throughout Port Elgin, Ontario and will take you approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete on foot. Look for the yellow detour signs with clues and arrows in the more challenging areas.

take a tour around port elgin, Ontario!

PEP#1: Nodwell Park
*This box has been destroyed by vandals. It will not be replaced as we are nearing the end of the Passport contest. Please write “Box Missing” on your Passport ballot. Thank you.*

The first known settlement in Port Elgin, now named after the Nodwell family, is Nodwell Park. Originally, this lovely location was established by Huron and Petun First Nations around 1340. Enjoy the playground and the paved walking path perfect for strollers, bikes and roller blades! Only minutes away from the Port Elgin Main Beach.

PEP#2: The Port Elgin Library (downtown location)
As you make your way downtown to refuel after a patio lunch or snack, find your next Port Elgin Pathway punch. The Port Elgin Library was built in 1908 with assistance from the Carnegie Fund to promote literacy and education. There are regular children’s programs offered, so make your way inside to find out more!

PEP#3: Coulter Plaza
*Please Note: This Passport Box Has Been Removed For the Remainder of the Season Due to Construction. Write “Box Missing” on your Passport for this Stop.*

After a few hours of shopping in the bustling downtown core, take a rest at Coulter Plaza, dedicated to the memory of popular former town clerk, William (Bill) Coulter. A seasonal Farmers Market is held on Wednesdays.

PEP#4: Town Pond/Shipley Trail
Take a stroll with your ice cream cone off the beaten track, to the beautiful and scenic trail connecting the Town Pond, Shipley Trail and Port Elgin Main Beach. The Chinook fish hatchery can be found just down the trail.

Things to do while you’re here:


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