Passport Stop 9

walker house, kincardine

GPS: 44°10’39.012”N 81°38’15.619”W

motorcycle friendlybicycle friendly

Return Trip Time: 2 Minutes
Level: Easy
The Clue: One of the most historic and well-known buildings in town.

More Info & Historical Significance: Built in 1850 by Francis “Paddy” Walker, the Walker House served as a hotel and tavern for more than a century and is recognized today as the oldest standing wooden hotel in Bruce and Grey Counties.

Today, the Walker House is a heritage centre and local museum for Kincardine. Enjoy the exhibits and events throughout the summer and let your imagination run wild as you develop an understanding what it was like stay here a century ago.


  1. Make your way through Kincardine Geddes Labyrinth Peace Garden.
  2. March with the Scottish Pipe Band parade on Saturday nights in the summer.
  3. Try freshwater surfing with West Shore Surf Shoppe.
  4. Hit the sandy Station Beach (see video below).

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