Passport Stop 3

cape croker park, chippewas of nawash F.n. 27 beach area parking lot

GPS: 44°53’25.924”N 81°5’18.704” W

detourbicycle friendly

Return Trip Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Level: Easy
The Clue: At the gate house and the beach area.

More Info & Historical Significance: the absolutely stunning Cape Croker Park is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year! The park first opened in 1967.

Camp the weekend away, play volleyball, go boating, go fishing, swim, hike and rent some gear. Be sure to make your way to the two-kilometre boardwalk, which passes through the lush wetland in the lovely Cape Croker Park. Here you will be able to study the engineering of the beaver dam built by generations of beavers. Beavers need more than half a metre to keep their underwater entrances from freezing in the winter. Marvel as you appreciate the beaver’s unique way to stay safe from predators.

top 3 things to do while you’re here:

  1. View the Cape Croker lighthouse, at the end of Lighthouse Road.
  2. Take in the spectacular views at Sydney Bay Lookout, Jones Bluff Lookout or Malcolm Bluff Lookout.
  3. Feel the rush at the nearby Mountain Bike Adventure Park.

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