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Adventure Passport


Adventure Passport Grand Prize Draw

Thank you to all who completed the 2014 Adventure Passport and Special Thank You to ALL 74 Sponsors!!

2014 Grand Prize Winners!

1.    5 nights by the campfires
Min. 12 Stops.
Winner: Joanne Lippert, Cargill

2.    Stay, Cruise and Dine
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Simon Costley, Burlington

3.    Cultural Retreat
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Stan Vanalstine, Owen Sound

4.    Dine in the Bruce
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Steve Sherphers, Kincardine

5.    3 Year Seasons Pass
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Julie Alchison, Hepworth

6.    Trust us, It’s Big Kincardine Prize Package
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: K. Eby, Southampton

7.    Anchor in the Tub
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: John Dutchesen, Holland Centre

8.    2 Nights at Sauble River
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Rose Caton, Kitchener

9.    Dine in the Vines and a Bruce County Canvas
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Jeremy Weber, London

10.    Summer House Park Mini Getaway
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: John Park, Southampton

11.    The Paddle Package
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: John Higgins, Port Elgin

12.    Walkerton Outdoor Adventure Package
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Rob Knebel, Fullarton

13.    The Bee’s Knees Excursion, Queen Quilt Kit
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Hugh Evans, Chatsworth

14.    The Bike Prize
Min. 5 Bike Stops.
Winner: Danielle Angel, Paisley

15.    The Gold Motorcycle Prize
Min. 7 Motorcycle Stops.
Winner: Jan Cameron, Bognor

16.    Silver motorcycle Prize
Min. 7 Motorcycle Stops.
Winner: Jeff Borton, Elmwood

17.    Stay, Golf, and Shop
Min. 12 Stops.
Winner: Joanne Tolton, Elmwood

18.    1 weekend Cottage Rental with a guided excursion
Min. 12 Stops.
Winner: Jodi Brenndorfer, Tilsonburg

19.    Southampton Stroll Package
Min. 5 Southampton Stroll Stops plus Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Emily Perreira, Kincardine

20.    Bruce County Staff Prize
Min. 7 Stops.
Winner: Dean Lachance, Sauble Beach

We will contact all the winners within the next few days!

Have a safe and happy winter! For more information on cross country ski trails or winter festivals visit our winter trips page.


Contest Dates: May 1st – October 31st, 2014

2015 Dates: May 1st, 2015 – October 31st, 2015

Welcome Adventurer!

To date over 66,000 people have used the Adventure Passport to get out there and Explore the Bruce by car, motorcycle, and bicycle and on foot.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary!

This year’s passport includes 12 Adventure Passport Stops. The Adventure Passport is a big scavenger hunt all over Bruce County. Participants are to visit a minimum 7 of the 12 Adventure Passport Stops to win an Official Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport T Shirt. Please read each stop carefully and don’t be afraid to park your vehicle and run, walk or bike to find the punch.

NEW! This year we have added five new features:

1. Southampton Stroll – Get out of your car and take a stroll around Southampton. Visit all 5 Southampton Stroll punch in order to win the Southampton Stroll Prize, prize value of $1400.00

2. Paddle Punch – This stop is for you hardcore Adventurers. There is a secret Paddle Punch located at by shipwreck along the Sauble River. All you have to do is paddle in get your punch and you will be eligible to win A Kayak package, sponsored by Thorncrest Outfitters.

3. The Bike Tour – Visit a minimum of 5 stops on your bike and take a picture of you by a Passport Box with your helmet on. You will still have to still visit a minimum of 7 stops (all together) to be eligible for an Adventure Passport T Shirt. You will be eligible to win The Bicycle Prize, sponsored by Martin’s Bicycle Shop.

4. 2000 Official T Shirts – The first 2000 participants to complete the 2014 Adventure Passports will receive a T Shirt! That’s right! You asked for it!

5. Explore the Bruce Exhibit at the Museum – Can you believe it? 10 years ago we launched the 1st ever Adventure Passport. Did you know it started as a school project? Learn more about how the contest evolved at the Bruce County Museum & Culture Centre between June 14 – September 3rd. More information about Adventure Passport Exhibit.

Join our Facebook group. Upload your photos, videos, and share secrets on how you completed your Adventure Passport.

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Follow us on Twitter. Get updates on what’s going on in the Bruce and find the Summer Patrol driving the Explore the Bruce Adventure Tundra to receive your free bonus punch. The Summer Patrol also has tons of instant prizes and the infamous walking sticks. Flash the peace sign to get them to pull over, and please obey the traffic laws!

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Don’t forget contest ends October 31st, 2014!

Your Adventure Starts Now!